Sunday, March 19, 2017

Google Summit Edtech Takeaways

I presented at my first EdTech Google Summit on March 11th and 12th and this is what I learned from it.

So, I found out 3 days prior to the conference that I was bumped from Day 2, Session 7 to Day 1, Session 1 due to a presenter's unfortunate ill-timed relationship with a stomach virus. Holy crap! (no pun intended) ~

I would be the first presenter that many people would see. I am the introduction of what this conference means for people. I was the WalMart greeter of the Google Summit and I was super pumped and nervous. I remember when I went to my first summit and the feeling of the unknown. I practically worshiped those presenters/ rock stars. Ok, so I might be a closet groupie. The idea behind it is, I want to provide a high-quality experience to those who are new.

 I hold Google Summits to a high standard and I want to live up to that standard.

After a fantastic keynote by +Molly Schroeder Bennett (@followmolly), everyone was dismissed to Session 1. The room was packed and the people were ready. I played music too loud and started too early out of nerves. And, I didn't take many pictures. See my one tweet.

But, I knew my content and enjoyed sharing the stage with my good friend & self-proclaimed magician's assistant +Kirsten Radford (@kfayecreate). The feedback was positive as people came up to me after and said they learned a lot. I was relieved and grateful. I'm going to do it again and I think I will add another session.

  1. I learned that I am a good presenter. But, I will improve only with practice.
  2. I learned that Edtech summit participants deservedly need immediately usable information, not just knowledge.
  3. I learned that relationship-building is as important as the information gained at conferences.
  4. I met many people whom I now will call on to help my growth as a teacher. 

Here's a short video of a 4th grader who ski-jumped a 40m for the first time. I completely empathize with her. It's exactly what I went through.  The actual jump is secondary... Listen to her at the end... its a gem.
Thank you to all the wonderful presenters I was honored to interact with this weekend.

Jazzy Hands.

(try to find me. It's not that easy). 


  1. You did a fantastic job at the summit my friend, and I was honored to be your magician's assistant for the show! I, too was overwhelmed and freaked out, but it was so gratifying and wonderful to work the room and help teachers and answer questions. Keep on keeping on-- you are my inspiration!

  2. We make a great team, Kirsten! Thanks! We will need to do it again. You rock.

  3. I am presenting a similar session in July in SC. Any advice?

    1. Relax. Enjoy the moment. Smile. I just went through the process step-by-step modeling how to create a Google Classroom. Told all the participants to help each other out. Here's my slideshow -
      You'll do great. Hope this helps.