Sunday, April 2, 2017

Flipped BreakoutEdu

Good day: 
This week I will discuss BreakoutEdu student innovators and experimentation with Flipgrid. Two 8th grade students at my middle school tackled making a Breakoutedu game for their peers and we introduced Flipgrid afterward to reflect on the experience. 

Several weeks ago, I introduced a Breakoutedu to several 8th-grade students in an exploratory science class. Two of these students convinced Mrs. Blake, their English 8 teacher, to allow them to work on a breakout activity with me in their extra time. The boys worked diligently for two weeks whenever they got the opportunity. Lots of work went into the 8th grade English VA SOL review Breakout. Mrs. Blake, the two boys, and I contributed and we are all very proud of the outcome. 

We came out with a nine-question SOL review game with locks embedded every couple questions. We used all 3 English classes to play throughout the day. We set up 4 duplicate boxes and ran 4 groups simultaneously. The boys came up with what locks to use and in what order we wanted the locks to be opened. Mrs. Blake provided the SOL questions, ideas for a cryptix (styrofoam cups), and I was there to guide them through the brainstorming process and set up the materials. See my YouTube for Homemade Cryptix. 

It was a blast. Mrs. Blake and I are SO proud of the boys.  I think they learned from the experience so much more than we could offer with a standard curriculum. They helped the students through the process by adding hints and monitoring the game as they played. They hovered like proud parents. They expressed being exhausted at the end of each session because of the guidance and teaching process they experienced. Welcome to teaching! 

For the BreakoutEdu reflection, I introduced the students to Flipgrid to record their experience. I asked them to answer these 3 questions:

1. Describe something you did well as a group. 
2. Describe something you could have done differently or better as a group. 
3. Shout Out! - Tell me something someone in your group did well. 

The students did their best with the limited amount of time we had at the end of the period and the limited amount of quiet space available. I learned that in order for Flipgrid to work well, students need a bit of privacy and/or quiet space. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I hope to continue the flipped, student-centered experience. Any suggestions are always welcome! 

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