Monday, March 6, 2017

Google Certified and Growing

Good morning:
I am excited. Many things have happened since I last blogged. I opened a Twitter account, relaxed a bit about the Google Directory and Eduapp, was accepted as a presenter for the VA Google Summit by EdTech in Charlottesville and attended two stellar conferences in two states, in one week. Wow.

Where to start...? Let's talk Google Directory & the Google Summit today.

The Google Directory and EduApp ended up being just a matter of time and patience, which can be a challenge for me. But, I did the dance when I saw my picture and bio in the directory.

I am currently one of a few Google Certified Trainers in Southwest VA. Since I have become a GCT, I have recommended to a few people to go for GCT as well. I realized very quickly that there are many people out there that have more knowledge, patience, innovation, and skill than I. I hope they take advantage and complete the application process. Education is a better place with all theses people connecting. Relationships are key. I have connected with so many people lately. I feel this has helped my growth as an educator and a person tremendously.

This brings me to the Google Summit. Soon after I was accepted as a GCT, a friend of mine suggested I present at the next local Google Summit. I was (and still am currently) nervous about presenting at such a prestigious conference. I went with what I know best, Google Classroom. I was accepted and as you can see, I did the dance soon after I found out.

I also reached out to several Google educators to see who was attending. And, now I have a partner in crime for my session as well - Shout out to Kirsten Radford (@mrskradford). I will also be the magician's assistant for another talented educator during her Digital BreakOutEdu - (@jenny_conradj). Loving it. Collaboration is the key. A good friend of mine said that lyrics are the soul of music. It really has stuck with me. I've been trying to look for analogies of that statement in education. Is collaboration the soul of professional development? Sounds goofy, but I will be searching for the soul of education for awhile. Maybe there isn't one, but the point is that thinking about it creates growth.

If you are going to the Google Summit in Charlottesville VA March 11-12, I would love to connect @TechFrye. I'll let you know how it went in another blog.

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